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County Considers New Hire For Radio Problems

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County Commissioners are working to address lingering issues with the law enforcement radio system, which has been plagued with problems since the county switched to a digital system, a year ago. 


Police Radio Problems Persist, Year After Switch


Commissioner Tony DeBone admits more needs to be done to identify specifically what's going wrong, "We’re working with our engineering company, making sure we have answers to finding the problems. Because sometimes we say, ‘it doesn’t work,’ which means, ‘I had a transmission that didn’t work, but the other 42 times I used the system it did work. So, we’ve got to define the problems." To that end, he says the county's contract engineers will take a bigger role, "Recently, we’ve said, ‘we need them to be front and center a lot more,’ so that’s kind of the action item we’ve taken in the last week or two."
The county is also hoping to hire a Technical Deputy Director for 911. DeBone tells KBND News they're recruiting now for the newly created position, and he hopes to conduct interviews soon, "Somebody that knows how to really be technical, engineering support and communicate with the public and the media, if we need to." DeBone believes that will help the 911 Director focus on daily operations and the overall agency, instead of technical problems. 

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