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Four Candidates for Bend Mayor To Debate

BEND, OR -- Bend’s first ever Mayoral debate takes place Tuesday evening. Jamie Christman, with the Bend Chamber, will co-moderate the event. She acknowledges there was some controversy after the initial announcement that only City Councilors Bill Moseley and Sally Russell would take part. And then other candidates came forward. "You’re definitely still going to see Bill and Sally and you’re also going to see Brian Douglass," Christman tells KBND News, "And then, now, Charles Baer came into the office and requested to be a part of it. And thus, we’ll have those four.


She says it was difficult to determine who was serious about running, given we're still two weeks ahead of the candidate filing deadline for the November election, "They came in stages for us, as I learned about different PACs maybe, that they responded to, how serious that they’d taken some of the questions out there – some of their media responses. That really matters when you’re this early on."


Christman says she and the other two moderators will only guide the conversation, "It gets to be quite a bit when you have a lot of people up on that panel, but we’ve done it before." She expects growth will be a big focus, but topics are really up to the audience, "It’s heavily reliant on the Q & A from the audience, particularly where we have more candidates, like this, versus just two, we’ll kick it out to the audience even earlier. So, I encourage people to really start thinking now and be prepared. I will be very strict about people making sure they have a question versus just an opinion."


The debate starts at 5 p.m. at the 10 Barrel East Side Pub. Tickets are available through the Bend Chamber. Click HERE for more information and to register. 

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