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Board To Start Process of Naming New School

BEND, OR -- Bend's new elementary school under construction near Cooley Road still doesn't have a name. Its new Principal, Kevin Gehrig, says the school board will make the final decision based on suggested names submitted by the public. But first, he needs to form a naming committee, "The people that would be on that team are the Principal - me - future staff members, future parents, and then some community members; [it's] kind of a broad base of people in Bend that help name that school."


The school board is expected to agree on the official naming process at Tuesday night's meeting. Gehrig tells KBND News names suggested by the public should fit into one of three categories, "People that made contributions to the community, recognized, historical  places or geographical landmarks - points of interest - and then also, it could be themes - something that reflects the culture and the historical character of our community." The naming committee will then narrow the list of possible names to two or three before submitting them to the board for final approval. Gehrig hopes that will happen by winter break. 


School Construction Projects Underway In Bend


As the first floor of the school takes shape, construction is on track, including nearby infrastructure, "There's a local road that goes through the property, on the edge of the property," says Gehrig, "That's completed and they're already diverting traffic to that local road so they can make improvements on O.B. Riley road and add those pedestrian walkways and those bike lanes." That local road is also without a name. "And they already were starting to work on the parking lots, even the light poles in the parking lots. So, they're moving along pretty quickly." The school is expected to open by Fall 2019. 

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