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Cougar Spotted NE Of Redmond

REDMOND, OR -- A Redmond area woman says a cougar has been stalking her property near busy soccer fields.


Kelli Fischer lives just east of the city limits, along NE 17th and Negus, not far from the High Desert Sports Complex. She says she spotted the big cat at about 5:30 Sunday evening, "All of the horses went on high alert – head straight up in the air, ears up. And, we were already on high alert because two weeks ago, a lady who was driving up where 17th connects to Negus witnessed a cougar with a small dog in its mouth and it happened to be our dog. Our dog was missing." She tells KBND News, "When we looked over at that area to see what the horses were looking at, there was a cougar – 300’ away, walking right across the property, right at the end of our arena."


Fischer admits she waited three hours to call authorities, "I just wasn’t sure, I know this sounds ignorant but, what to do- who to call. So, I ended up calling the non-emergency number, just to report it that we had seen the cougar - actually seen it. And, they were very nonchalant and not very concerned about it. He told me that next time I do see it I need to call immediately and also get pictures." She says she’s warning her neighbors to keep their small animals inside because she's now lost two small dogs. She's also worried about kids who frequent the area. "I’ve seen the tracks on my property. People say it’s dogs; it’s not dogs.  I put the tracks right up next to the tracks that I Googled, and these are definitely cougar tracks."

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