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Sisters Voters To Decide Future of Pot In Their City

SISTERS, OR -- The City of Sisters may soon allow the sale of medical and recreational marijuana inside its limits. Voters will decide in November on two pot-related measures. Measure 9-122 would allow both medical and recreational marijuana businesses in the city. Measure 9-123 would impose a 3% tax on the sale of marijuana products, but only if 9-122 passes.


Sisters Mayor, Chuck Ryan, says the City is preparing for both to pass, "We're working on time, place, and manner (TPM) regulations; those are still in process. There will be some public input on that, a public hearing I think sometime in early November, and we can get that input and make changes where necessary but we've already got a draft of TPMs." He adds, "We really don't think it's going to have any kind of negative effects. We wouldn't be taking this seriously if  we thought that that was going to be a big problem, so We've talked to a lot of people and we've talked to Sheriff Nelson on this, and others, and we think it's the right thing to do right now."
Ryan says medical marijuana was voted down by Sisters residents, but Measure 91, legalizing recreational use, was narrowly approved, so he's not sure how the vote in November will go. But, he tells KBND News, he's glad residents will ge the final say, "I'm on record of being a big proponent of putting it to vote because we've had public meetings on this, and a lot of public input, and there's proponents and opponents, and the council voted, unanimously, the council voted to put it to public vote." 
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