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BEND, OR -- Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) has accepted an invitation from a local television station to debate his Democratic opponent, October fifth. Walden issued a statement expressing appreciation for the chance to discuss the issues, "Whether it be getting our veterans the care they deserve at the VA, combating the opioid crisis, or fixing broken forest policy to prevent catastrophic wildfires." He went on to say, "This debate will provide the venue for a robust conversation on these important subjects." Although the terms of the debate have not been released, Walden says it "will solicit questions from the public, be broadcast to a wide audience in Oregon, live streamed on social media and available for anyone interested to view online."


McLeod Skinner, Walden Disagree on Debates (08/28/18)


McLeod Skinner says the 30-minute televised debate is not long enough for a robust debate, given the time needed for introductions, opening statements and wrap up. She says the format proposed by KTVZ would be closed to the public and notes the station is owned by News-Press & Gazette Company (NPG), whose Chairman and CEO contributed $1,000 to Walden's campaign, according to McLeod Skinner. She says the City Club of Central Oregon has offered to host an impartially moderated debate, open and free to the public, with the opportunity for a live broadcast, "I propose that we mutually agree to accept the City Club's invitation to debate, at the same time and location in the district when you have already said you are available: on Friday, October 5th, at 7 p.m. in Bend," She said in a letter to the Congressman. She's asking for 90 minutes, that day, and is proposing at least two more debates in other parts of the district. 


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