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La Pine Democrat Hopes To Unseat Rep. McLane

LA PINE, OR -- A La Pine Democrat hopes a grassroots campaign will propel her to Salem. Karen Rippberger is trying to unseat State Representative Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte). She hopes to focus on the state budget, working toward fiscal responsibility, while ensuring education and affordable housing are both adequately funded.

She says laws are being passed that don't work for everyone in District 55, "We need somebody who will explain and advocate and educate so people in Salem understand that sometimes they're putting a burden on us out here." Rippberger tells KBND News she has has a unique perspective, gained by living in both urban and rural areas. "This is such a wonderful district, and the people in it. There's wonderful individuals with these exciting ideas, they're so creative and they love their communities. They don't want a handout; they want a hand-up and they want to be able to work in their communities in ways that make sense for them."


Because of her experience as a special education teacher, Rippberger says she's uniquely qualified to work in situations some people find frustrating. "I'm used to advocating for students that are misunderstood and overlooked, and I can advocate here, and we can get some things done that make more sense for Central Oregon." She claims she won't accept donations from special interest groups, "I am not supported by Corporate interests. My money comes from individuals, and that's the way it will stay." She adds, "This is a grassroots campaign, and I'm a grassroots kind of person." 

If elected, Rippberger promises to hold a town hall in every community in District 55 each year she's in office. For more on the candidates, visit KBND's Elections Page.

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