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BEND, OR -- Meteorologists predict Central Oregon could see less snow than typical, this winter, after a dry summer; and we're already seeing the impacts of dry conditions in local yards, "The biggest thing is water. It is extremely dry, right now," says Cindy Jeffers, with LandSystems Nursery in Bend.


She tells KBND News property owners need to take steps now to protect plants, "Most people have their irrigation systems turned off. If you don’t, make sure you get it winterized or you’ll be real sorry next spring. But, just remember there are hoses and hose bibs on every house. And, you need to hook those hoses up and water your plants. You have to." But, make sure to drain hoses after each use, with sub-freezing temperatures in the overnight hours, "Don’t leave them hooked up because that can cause problems with the piping that goes under your house. It can just radiate the cold back underneath the house. So, unhook them and do water; don’t be afraid to water."

And then, lay down mulch or compost to hold in that moisture. Ideally, we'd see a significant snowfall soon, which Jeffers says would really help plants, "It insolates the plants and people always are afraid that with a lot of snow it doesn’t. But, two years ago, when we had all that snow, it was probably the prettiest spring. More plants lived than I can ever remember." However, a good snow doesn't appear in the forecast any time soon, "So, basically, if you can mulch right now with either compost or some kind of bark, make sure that the plants can go into winter nice and moist." 

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