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Cyber Attack Seminar Coming to Bend

The growing threat of Cyber attacks is overwhelming.  Oregon Congressman Greg Walden says the attacks come from rouge nations, organized crime, even China.  Thieves sneak in through the computer do things like copy key strokes and steal people's money and businesses well guarded trade secrets.  


On Monday, Walden is hosting a workshop with a national expert on the problem and possible solutions.


Walden spoke to 1110 KBND news.


"we've been told there's 5 times as much information stolen from the united states on intellectual property by other countries than exists in the entire library of congress - so you take a company that has invested millions of dollars in research and development and years and years of work being stolen by a government, and then being handed off to a foreign competitor who didn't pay a dime for it - and now knows everything you know and then builds off of that for their own benefit to use against us."
At Monday's event cybersecurity expert Bill Conner, CEO of Entrust, will discuss recent trends in cyber threats wtih central Oregon's small business leaders.  He'll also cover ways to combat current and emerging cyber threats.  Rep. Walden will also give an update on recent cybersecurity legislation in Congress.   Local business owners can offer input on their security challenges. l  
 "i don't think most people realize how evil it can be on the internet these days - there are organized criminal efforts in the ukraine and russia - that can track your key strokes and steal your money - and the role that china plays...some of them are state sponsored - some of its just organied crime - but all of it is really threatening in a digital world."  
Walden says Conner spoke in Washington DC and lawmakers from both parties were impressed with his depth of knowledge and his ideas to help protect the public and business owners.  Here  are the specific details of the Workshop.
What: Representative Greg Walden's Central Oregon Cybersecurity Workshop
Where: Oregon State University-Cascades, Cascades Hall, Rooms 246, 247, and 248
When: Monday, October 8, 2:00 pm-3:30 pm (Doors will open at 1:30 pm)

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