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BEND, OR -- There's a new cat at the Humane Society of Central Oregon, and the shelter's Lynne Ouchida says he's the poster cat for sweetness, but also for severe neglect. "Poor little Jack is weighing in at over 31 pounds. Just a year ago, Jack was adopted from here, and he weighed a healthy weight of 13 pounds." 

Meaning Jack gained nearly 20 pounds in just one year. "A lot of times, people consider neglect as only the animals that are being starved and malnourished, and not given water and food, but obesity is definitely a form of neglect." Ouchida says they'll start Jack down the road to recovery, but she knows the affectionate cat will be adopted again soon, and his new family will need to help keep him on the straight and narrow. "So, come on in and meet this larger than life kitty, but also, he is one big lovebug."

The cat will be medically evaluated, but the Humane Society staff is hopeful his problems are based on his obesity and inability to adequately clean himself, and not another, underlying, medical problem. Jack, Ouchida says, will make the perfect weight loss companion for someone who has resolved to get healthy in 2019. She says, like humans, obesity is a significant problem for animals - how Americans eat and their lifestyle choices carries over into their pet care. "We're giving them an unlimited amount of food, we provide them with lots of treats, I mean pet products is a billion dollar industry. If you want to kick start your New Year's resolution of getting healthy and fit, then maybe Jack can help you with that. He might be a great diet and exercise partner."



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