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Jim Clinton says his Doctor "no" reputation may Change

Bend City Council member Jim Clinton believes that next month's election could mean that he'll lose his knick-name as "Doctor NO".
Clinton has been the dissenting vote on several steps of the controversial Surface Water Improvement Project, or SWIP.  But he says with several open seats and more candidates that are like him, his "no" vote, could change to "no problem."tes
 "in previous city councils i worked with "no problem" as part of an effective majority that actually got a lot of things done - it was really the change in the composition of the council that put me in that position in the last few years. so i'm looking forward to a new people getting election on the city council so we'll actually have a different ruling majority and can work more closely together to go forward and solve some of these problems."
Clinton is re-running for his position 4 spot.  He faced off in a live debate with his challenger, Mike Roberts.  The debate was held on 1110 KBND on Thursday morning. The debate will re-run on Thursday, November 1st. 
 "even though i'm the one councilor who's voted "no" more often than my colleagues in the last few years..its just that they've been voting "yes".  they've been accused of being a 'rubber stamp' counCil that just votes 'yes' on anything that the staff brings forward." 
The candidates also talked about silt in mirror pond, dealing with crime in Bend, and the massive sewer project that may cost as much as 200 million dollars.

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