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Sisters Country Horizons Releases Draft Plan

SISTERS, OR -- Sisters Country Horizons recently released the results of a year's worth of work: a plan for how to grow, while maintaining the area's natural environment and small-town feel. Sisters Community Development Director Patrick Davenport says 32 citizens created the plan, based on community input. "We've been working for about a year to interview the community, and so we've been working on an action to implement our vision."


The group developed a strategy, which Davenport says turned out pretty elaborate with four main areas of focus. "We have strategies within each focus area; and within each strategy, we have several actions to help implement the strategy," Davenport tells KBND News. Those four focus areas are, "What we call Prosperous Sisters, Livable Sisters, Connected Sisters, and Resilient Sisters." And, he adds, "There's over three-dozen actions that have been assigned to different agencies, to work on over the next five to 10 years. So, a lot of work for us to do."


Davenport would not go into the specifics of the plan because city officials still have work to do after the first of the year, "We have the City Council scheduled to formally adopt it in mid-February, with a preview in early January on the entire project." Davenport says comments will be accepted on the draft plan through December 28, "We’re not just taking comments from those who live in Sisters Country, or work in Sisters Country. Anybody is welcome to review it and comment."


Sisters Country is the area of Deschutes County served by the Sisters School District, including the city of Sisters, surrounding small communities, ranches and farms, and Camp Sherman. Sisters County Horizons is sponsored by the city, Deschutes County, and the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council. 

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