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Parks Board to Vote on Mirror Pond Dredging

BEND, OR -- The Bend Park and Recreation District Board of Directors is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a resolution committing money toward dredging Mirror Pond. "The issue of dredging Mirror Pond has been going on for a number of years in our community," says Board Chair Brady Fuller. He tells KBND News, "This is moving forward at this time because permits are in place to actually do the dredge, and there's been funding committed by Mirror Pond Solutions; there's been funding committed by Pacific Power, by the City of bend City Council, and by the Parks District. So, our consideration of the resolution formalizes, if it passes, our commitment to provide that funding." Those other agencies have already committed at least $300,000 toward the project. The total price tag is projected at around $6.7 million.


Fuller says, "The resolution affirms our intent to provide $300,000 to dredge Mirror Pond and also outlines the conditions upon which we are agreeing to provide that funding." Those conditions, he says, will help preserve the iconic nature of the pond, "The park district supports the vision for Mirror Pond and it includes a number of elements. It includes the City of Bend upgrading their storm water outfalls, it includes riverbank and trail improvements. It may, at some point, include a fish ladder past the dam."


The pond hasn't been dredged since 1984. Fuller thinks Tuesday's resolution will pass, "I do believe that we have a consensus of our board that now is the time to move the project forward and to go ahead and dredge the pond." Fuller says the city and parks district will then meet to determine who holds the contract to perform the work, and to whom the project should be awarded to do the actual dredging.

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