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Lots of Contrast between Candidates for State Senate District 27 Seat

You've probably seen the TV ads, heard the radio commercials and noticed the yard signs sprinkled throughout Central Oregon.  One state race getting attention this election is the race between Republican Tim Knopp and Democrat Geri Hauser.
In a recent live debate on 1110 KBND, one caller asked about the candidates position on getting rid of Oregon's Estate Tax.  On the November 6th statewide ballot, that question is measure 84.
Tim Knopp says he supports getting rid of what he calls the "Death Tax". Here is part of the candidate's response during the debate.
 "(KNOPP) i met a gentleman who asked me specifically about the death tax -he looked to be in his 70's and he was from pennsylvania...  and he said are you guys going to eliminate this death tax- i'd like to move here- but are you going to get rid of the death tax?"
Another big tax issue is measure 79 - a measure that would ban a real estate transfer or sales tax in Oregon.   Knopp says lawmakers have been considering adding that tax on real estate transactions.
"(knopp) i am yes on 79- when i was in the legislature the transfer tax came up every session....it should be taken off the table - people are taxed enough - "
In another question  the candidates were asked how they would streamline government and get rid of unnecessary government regulations.  Instead, it turned in part to a discussion on Abortion.
"(hauser)  i'm a citizen and a taxpayer and i'm not backed by big corporations- i think my opponent wants to add regulations- such as women's health decisions - i want to see the middle class thrive again - and i don't want to see more regulation - and i've been nominated by the libertarian party - i think we can find some common ground there...-)KNOPP)  it's pretty clear that there's a difference between me and my opponent -  my most important issue is jobs, but my opponents biggest issue seems to be 'abortion' - i spent 6 years in the legislature and there were 1000's of votes- there were 2 on abortion- so i don't think that's a big issue as it relates to the service of someone's who's running to be a state senator."
We'll rerun the entire debate on Sunday, October 28th at 10 a.m.  and on Monday, November 5th at 8:10 a.m. on 1110 KBND radio.

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