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COCC Board Chair Resigns

BEND, OR -- Central Oregon Community College Board Chair John Mundy submitted his resignation, Friday, effective immediately. In an email to President Dr. Shirley Metcalf, he said communication between the Board and other college staff was no longer working. He wishes the college the best.


Mundy tells KBND News, he's quite relieved to no longer be on the Board. He says he's become increasingly concerned about the lack of good communication and it was causing him a lot of personal stress. Another factor was a recent editorial that he believes threw shade on Board members just before an election cycle. The politics involved in the dynamic have led him to believe he can't solve these issues alone, and his being Chairman of the Board was actually serving as an hinderance.


He also cites the time involved, Mundy says he's passionate about serving his community, and felt like his time on the Board was too unproductive to be worth the personal sacrifice. He's sympathetic to the college, and unwilling to speculate about what happens next for COCC and their search for a new college President to replace the retiring Dr. Shirley Metcalf. Last night, Mundy says, he woke up with heart palpitations and couldn't sleep until he'd decided to go through with tendering his immediate resignation.


Mundy intends to ski for the rest of the season, rejuvenate, and then decide later what his plans will be, going forward.


UPDATE (12/24/18): On Monday, the Board of Directors met in an emergency session and selected Zone Two member Laura Craska Cooper as the new Chair. They are now accepting applications to fill Mundy’s Zone Five seat, representing most of Bend.

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