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BEND, OR -- The city of Bend is working to identify ways to reduce fossil fuel use. Sustainability Coordinator Cassie Lacy says a new online survey will collect community feedback, starting Wednesday. The City's Sustainability Coordinator, Cassie Lacy, says it's important that residents support the Community Climate Action Plan once it becomes official, so getting input now is vital, "It's going to take everyone. If we're going to achieve our fossil fuel goals, we're really going to need many people in the community to step up and play a role. So, we hope everyone gets involved by taking part in the survey and trying to figure out how to work together to reduce fossil fuel use here."


She tells KBND News nearly 100 people came up with some initial ideas, but the city would like a lot more involvement, "We're hoping that people take a look at the different ideas that came out of that effort and tell us how much they support the different ideas." Results from the community survey will be used to create recommendations for the City Council, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Lacy says community support is necessary, because the policies outlined in the new plan will be voluntary, "We're not going to do everything on that list, so we want to make sure that the things we end up pursuing are things that are widely supported by the community."

The survey will be available January 9 through February 3. Click HERE to access the survey and get more information on the Climate Action Plan. 

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