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BEND, OR -- Nearly a dozen Bend Police personnel are being recognized for their response to a shooting call, last fall. In October, according to the District Attorney, Tyler Herrick shot one neighbor then hunted down the victim's roommate in their home on Sierra Drive; the second man eventually shot and killed Herrick.


Captain Paul Kansky says officers entered the home to save the first victim, amid an active situation, "There are very few calls in a career where you’re on scene while this is still occurring - you’re arriving while people are calling in that shots are fired. And also, you just don’t know the details; in cases like this, you’re getting calls from multiple people outside the actual incident." He tells KBND News officers didn't hesitate to act, even with several unknowns, "One person’s able to come out, but they still ultimately have somebody who’s been shot as a victim and someone else that’s been shot as a perpetrator; and unknown exactly: are they alive? Are they still a threat? Is at least the suspect still a threat?" Capt. Kansky adds, "In this case, the Sergeant and officers made the determination that they needed to go in to at least attempt to rescue the victim. And, in doing that, it took extreme courage and hard decision-making, putting officers’ lives in danger to hopefully save one of our citizens. Unfortunately, in this case, he passed away. But, for their bravery to make that decision, the Chief has honored them with the Chief’s Coin."

Kansky says most of the officers received their coins over the last few weeks; the Chief handed out the last two on Tuesday, "He hands them out in very rare circumstances that are far above and beyond." Receiving coins were Officers Greg Goller, Martin Tabaco, Chad Owens, Cliff Cox, Daniel Koehnke and Tommy Charles; as well as Reserve Officers Leigh Anne Boileau, Andrew Barlow, Corporal Cindy Ksenzulak, and Sergeants Bob Jones and Mike Landolt

The D.A. has said investigators could not determine why Herrick targeted his next door neighbors on October 20, 2018.


Submitted Photo: January 4, 2019, Chief Jim Porter (far left) presents coins to (from L-R) Sgt. Mike Landolt, Officer Greg Goller, Reserve Officer Leigh Anne Boileua, and Reserve Officer Andrew Barlow


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