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Redmond Planning Commission Undergoes Changes

REDMOND, OR -- Redmond's seven-member Urban Area Planning Commission has five new members, this year. Mayor George Endicott says this is the highest number of appointments he's made to the Planning Commission since he was first elected in 2008, "I've had four before - more than once - but five is a little unusual." He says the high turnover is a coincidence, "It was circumstances: People leaving, people getting elected [to other offices], terms of office over. But, having the two experienced people on the Planning Commission, I'm pretty comfortable we're going to do all right."


Mayor Endicott tells KBND News that in choosing the new members, he looked for variety in experience, "I did a cross section of the community, a couple of real estate people, and citizens that may not have all the knowledge, but they've got the skills to be able to participate, quick learners, that sort of thing." Heather DeWolf, Teri Jansen, Michael Kusinska, Nelson Rivers, and Cat Zwicker replace Krisanna Clark-Endicott - who was elected to City Council, Jack Zika - who was elected to the State House, James Cook, Alicia Wobbe and William Hilton. "I wanted a balance," says Endicott, "A couple of them are real estate people or in the business. By state law you're allowed two of those; so that means that they have some experience, at least generally, [in] what kinds of things matter in terms of density, and they're already pretty well up on a lot of the codes. And then a couple of the others were just citizens that are interested in participating in the public process."


David Allen and Ross Centers remain; their terms expire in 2020. The new members will be sworn in Monday.

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