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Avion Water Lifts Boil Notice

UPDATE: (6 a.m. 01/24/2019)  According to a notice posted to Avion's website, the agency was notified at 5:30 a.m. that water samples taken Wednesday morning passed and the state has lifted the boil water notice. They urge customers to flush pipes, as a precaution, to clear any potential contaminents. 



BEND, OR -- (01/23/2019) Avion Water customers in southeast Bend remain under a boil water notice, Wednesday. Avion President Jason Wick says the trouble started with a broken pipe, Tuesday night. "Around 9 o’clock we discovered a mainline leak right near 15th and Knott and dispatched our crews. They finished repairing the line about 7 a.m." Click HERE for the latest on the notice.

The boil order impacts about 10,000 homes east of SE 15th. It went into effect after the repair was made, Wick says that’s when contaminants can enter the system, "Unfortunately once you put the pipe together, without turning it on and flushing it somewhere, it’s hard to control where that slug of bad water would go."

There’s no evidence the water is contaminated, but Wick says when a line loses pressure, as it did Wednesday morning, Avion is required to test samples and issue the warning, "If you’ve ever seen a muddy hole in the ground and some of that dirty water gets into a short section of pipe and, since we do not know what’s in that soil, the state requires we issue a boil water notice," Wick tells KBND News.

Water samples are now with a lab for testing. He expects those results will be back around 10 a.m. Thursday, "We cannot turn a line on until we have a good sample; the minimum time for a sample is 18 hours." But, Wick says, if those samples don’t come back clean, the boil order will remain in place.


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