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Construction Safety Summit Begins

BEND, OR -- Work-site safety is the focus of a two-day event in Bend, next week. Katy Miracle, with the Central Oregon Safety and Health Association (COSHA), says the Mid Oregon Construction Safety Summit provides an opportunity for construction workers and landscapers to earn continuing education credits. "We have everything from fall protection, you want to make sure you continue that training annually, as well as some excavation and soil classification that’s actually for Central Oregon. Usually, when you go out of the area, we don’t talk about all the lava rock that we experience here, and the different silica and stuff that we are exposed to." She adds, "There’s a security threat awareness training; it’s like an active shooter program. A lot of times people don’t believe, in Central Oregon, we’re going to be exposed to that. So, it’s really neat that we’re able to bring that and expose Central Oregon to it."


For the first time, the keynote address will be delivered by a married couple with an important story, "Usually you hear from the person who has been injured or someone that’s motivating and encouraging that safety culture out there," Miracle tells KBND News, "This is truly the perspective of a husband and wife team. She has to care for him now because he had an on-the-job injury. And share that perspective of what life is like today, with the ongoing struggles all these years later." 

The summit starts Monday at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes. Click HERE for details and to register. 

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