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Sisters Shelter Wants to Work with Neighbors

SISTERS, OR -- Concerned neighbors will meet with staff from the Sisters Cold Weather Shelter, Monday evening, to discuss concerns and share information. Shelter Director Gary Eidsmoe says three churches in residential areas provide shelter for the homeless, but they're locations cause problems for nearby residents, "Some of the folks around the neighborhood are a little concerned about some of the homeless people that are around our community." He understands their fear. A recent incident in front of the cold weather shelter was frightening for some. But, he says, they don't have a lot of options, "Their proximity to the neighborhoods is what we cannot fix. Other than making a permanent shelter somewhere."


Eidsmoe tells KBND News they take in eight to 10 people each night; that number can grow to 20 or 25, during extreme cold. He hopes Monday's meeting will help settle down the controversy, "We'll try to let the neighbors know how we work, what we do, how some of the guests are. This is probably not going to remedy a lot of the stuff, but hopefully, it'll calm some of the folks down." The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the Sisters Fire Hall Community Room. "Hopefully, each person in the audience will get at least 2-3 minutes to voice their opinion, or ask a question, or make a suggestion."  

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