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DUII Driver Sentenced for Manslaughter

BEND, OR -- The woman convicted of killing a local dentist with her car was sentenced Wednesday to more than 12 years in prison. Prosecutors say Shantel Witt has never shown remorse for running down Marika Stone while she biked on the side of Dodds Road in December 2017. Witt was convicted earlier this month of Manslaughter, DUII, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Recklessly Endangering.


At Tuesday's hearing, Witt cried while addressing Stone’s family, "I’m truly sorry. That person is not who I am, ever. And I hope one day you can forgive me; and I wish it was me."

Stone’s twin sister and father also spoke at the sentencing. Greg Middag, told the court, "When my daughter Tansy called me and told me Marika had been killed by an intoxicated driver, it became one of the most horrific events I’ve ever experienced in my 70 years. Marika’s death was caused by the defendant’s total disregard for herself and those around her. She ingested dangerous drugs, including one for her dog, on December 30th. And she did so without considering the possible effects on anyone, including herself." Turning to Witt, Middag said, "Ms. Witt, you’ve stolen my daughter and the hopes and dreams of a lifetime. Marika’s dead. And after you killed her, Shantel, you backed your truck up after dragging her body down the road, then yelled obscenities at her." He also expressed frustration that a previous DUII conviction and diversion program didn't seem to have any impact on Witt. She was highly intoxicated at the time of the crash. Prosecutors say she had multiple drugs in her system, including Xanax prescribed to her dog. 


Witt was sentenced to 146 months in prison, and ordered to pay restitution to Stone's father, twin sister and ex-husband, for care of their children. 

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