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Redmond Airport Remains Closed, Tuesday

REDMOND, OR -- Redmond Airport remains unable to safely land aircraft, after snow damaged critical navigational equipment, Monday. Nicole Jurgensen says they had hoped to have the equipment fixed by Tuesday at noon, but they're waiting for the Federal Aviation Administration. "Some of the airport's navigational equipment, called the Instrument Landing System - the ILS - was damaged by the snow. It had a component that went out. So, the FAA needs to replace that component to turn the ILS back on. And, they're not expecting to be able to do that and have that system back in operation until [Wednesday] morning at 9." The ILS is owned and operated by the FAA. It allows pilots to land in conditions that are not under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Current conditions require use of the ILS for landing at Roberts Field. 


Although no flights are coming in or going out, including General Aviation, Jurgensen tells KBND News crews are still busy, "The airport is still actively working on removing snow in various locations and maintaining the runway, so that if something happens and the FAA is able to get their equipment in sooner, we can open the airfield sooner." And, she says the terminal remains open, "Passengers are a little bit confused by all of this weather, and now this equipment that's also been effected. The best thing that passengers can do is call their airline directly. The airport, we really aren't able to assist people with the commercial carrier side of things."


Travelers can check the status of their flight at the Redmond Airport website or directly with their carrier. 

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