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BEND, OR -- Deschutes County Commissioners continue to discuss a master plan for a proposed public safety campus at the main Sheriff's Office in Bend. It includes plans for a safety and stabilization center, which would provide supervision to those in crisis who have not committed a crime and don't need to be in jail.

DCSO Public Safety Campus Plans Take Shape (10/25/2018)


Commissioner Tony DeBone believes the facility is needed and he's ready to move forward with a draft plan presented to the Board of Commissioners last week, "We're working on what the first version would a stabilization crisis center look like here in Deschutes County. I'm supportive of proceeding with contracting to redevelop the existing building, which is where Parole and Probation is working out [of] at the public safety campus." He tells KBND News, "There's a vision out there. We've just got to all work together to get to that first version and make sure it's doing what we intended."


Sheriff Shane Nelson has pushed for the facility since 2016. While DeBone says he's ready to move forward, Commissioners Patti Adair and Phil Henderson are waiting to finish their analysis, "We've got the Commissioners taking some time to analyze this. I'm supportive of proceeding, and the other two are taking some time to look at other places around the state, at this time, so it's a time of evaluating, when some people are ready to go." 

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