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REDMOND, OR -- Redmond’s City Council will discuss ordinances surrounding recreational vehicles on city streets, at Tuesday night's work session. Deputy City Manager John Roberts says it’s in response to reports of people living in motor homes and trailers parked on city streets, "The city continues to receive an uptick in complaints, specifically about the residency and occupancy of RVs. So, we’re taking this to the Council to merely begin the conversation about our existing RV policies and how we might possibly be able to better address the storage and occupancy of RVs."


Roberts tells KBND News, "In light of the Great Recession, around 2009, this issue came to Council as a discussion item, particularly occupancy of RVs. And, because of the acknowledgement of the economic hardships with housing affordability, the Council – at that time – made a conscientious decision to be a little more relaxed with enforcement. And that position has carried forward to today." But, he says, it may be time to revisit that policy.


He'll present options to Council at the work session, including creating new rules or simply enforcing what's already on the books, "The current regulations define an RV as something that should not be permanently occupied. And, I’ll say too, in our code, we have abandoned vehicle regulations of no more than seven days in a six-month period. So, there’s a regulatory framework in place that we could be more judicious in enforcing." Roberts says most of Redmond’s residential neighborhoods have CC&Rs enforced by a homeowners association, and Council could decide to allow those to address the issue directly. No decisions are expected immediately. 


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