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SUNRIVER, OR -- Trumpeter swan "Gracie" is looking for love. She lost her mate in 2017; "Chuck" was shot and killed on Thanksgiving


Sunriver Nature Center Manager Amanda Accamando says previous attempts to find Gracie a new companion have not yet worked, "We've been looking for some time and had some hopeful moments, and now we're sort of back at square one, hoping to find a mate out there that would be a good fit for her." She tells KBND News not just any swan will do, "It's a matter of finding a male that is available; and by available, I mean, they're not paired up, because trumpeter swans mate for life. So, we're looking for a male that's not attached right now, or we're looking for a young male - so a male that might be two or three years old."

Because Gracie is endangered, it's important that she be allowed to mate and have more cygnets, "We're looking nationwide, really, and we're looking at wildlife rehabers that may have a swan that's been injured that might be a good fit for Grace," says Accamando, "I'm also concentrating on the swans that are in captive breeding programs."


Gracie lives at Lake Aspen and is part of an effort to reintroduce trumpeter swans to the area after the bird was hunted nearly to extinction in the 1900s.

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