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SALEM, OR -- State Representative Jack Zika (R-Redmond) is working with Deschutes County’s District Attorney to create legislation aimed at making it easier for law enforcement to crack down on illegal marijuana grows. He says the Oregon Health Authority needs to make it easier for the Sheriff and District Attorney to determine whether a marijuana grow is legally licensed, "Our Sheriff Shane Nelson and [D.A] John Hummel had requested the information from the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Health Authority denied them, and said they could find them one by one on their website." But, Zika says, that's a time-consuming and arduous process, "We have 60,000 addresses that were in question." He tells KBND News, "There isn’t a law that states that they have to share the information. They’ve made the public information available on their website, but it’s one address at a time."


In consultation with D.A. Hummel, Zika is drafting a bill he says would lead to the creation of a statewide database, "Require the Oregon Health Authority to disclose the addresses of licensed marijuana grows. In Deschutes County, we have a problem with who’s licensed, who’s not licensed; we’re having an issue with the legality of who’s an actual grower or not." And, he says, "To make them be required to update our local authorities and District Attorneys every three months."  But, Zika says he's working on a tight timeline; new bills must get a hearing by Friday to be considered this session. 

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  • NE 27th Street between NE Butler Market and Jill Avenue for roadwork related to roundabout construction, full road closure with detour, 4/13/20 - 7/27/20 
  • 15th Street between Knott Road and the new collector road for infrastructure installation, full closure of the roadway, 12/26/20 - 7/31/20