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REDMOND, OR -- Affordable housing continues to be in high demand throughout Central Oregon, and Redmond is working to update is Comprehensive Housing Plan to determine how best to meet future needs.

Redmond Planning Manager Deborah McMahon says the Department of Land Conservation and Development invited cities of about 30,000 people to get a "Housing Needs Analysis." EcoNorthwest is now conducting that analysis, looking at the city's existing development plan, available land inventory and forecasted needs, "When the study is done, we'll know exactly how much acreage is required to accommodate those forecasted housing units," McMahon tells KBND News, "And what does that mean for Redmond? It probably means that some areas that are in the holding zone now need to be rezoned."

It's estimated Redmond will see nearly 17,500 new residents over the next 20 years. McMahon says that translates to a need for nearly 7,000 new homes, "Single family detached homes: we're looking for 4,200 new units there. And then attached housing: so that's like townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, 4-plexes; we need about 1,000 of those units. And then just under 2,000 different types of apartments." Roughly 38% of Redmond's households are considered very or extremely low-income, and about 42%  are low- to middle-income families. McMahon says that's why so many different types of homes are being proposed.


The city's housing plan hasn't been updated since 2001, and McMahon says it's overdue. She believes this analysis will help the city do it right, "This is a really good overview of what our housing needs should be, particularly given the forecast in population." Redmond's Planning Commission will get an update on EcoNorthwest's work at its Monday meeting

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