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BEND, OR -- Deschutes River Canyon residents are again being warned of a cougar in the area. Oregon Fish and Wildlife says a big cat was seen near the canal behind Fred Meyer on May sixth, and then a deer was found dead in a subdivision on the east rim of the Deschutes River canyon. ODFW confirmed Wednesday the animal was killed by a cougar. 

Because of the cougar’s continued presence in a populated area, ODFW and Bend Police believe it is a public safety threat. Officials are now taking steps to hunt and kill the cougar.


If you encounter a cougar, the Sheriff's office says don't run. Move slowly, keeping the animal in view as you get away from the area. If you live in an area where a cougar has been spotted, don't walk your dog at night, and supervise pets and kids while outside. Click HERE for more information.


Last month, a cougar was seen in southwest Bend, upstream from the Bill Healy Bridge, and another was reported on Agate Road, in Deschutes River Woods. 

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