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Deputy DA Investigated for Leaving Child in Car

BEND, OR -- A Deschutes County Deputy District Attorney is now on Administrative Leave, pending the outcome of an investigation into possible child neglect. D.A. John Hummel says Bend Police discovered a baby sleeping in a car parked near his office, May 30th. They determined the car belonged to Evander McIver, who appears to have forgotten his child was sleeping in the carseat when he went to work. The baby was unhurt and in excellent condition. The case is being investigated by the Oregon Department of Justice.


Hummel said in a statement, “Van McIver is a former Naval aviator and one of my most valued deputy attorneys.  My thoughts are with he and his family during this difficult time.  I trust Attorney General Rosenblum will give this matter the attention it deserves and will render the appropriate decision.” 


McIver also released a public statement on Tuesday: "As every parent of young children knows, sleep can be hard to come by. Last Thursday, our morning routine changed and after dropping off two children at school, I went straight to work on autopilot and left my son in his car seat in the back of my car. Thankfully, Bend police responded and my son is just fine. This is the worst mistake of my life and I fully realize this could have turned out differently. No matter the fallout with respect to me, I am beyond grateful that my son is happy and healthy.”

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