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Mt. Bachelor Plans Upgrades For Winter

BEND, OR --  Mt Bachelor plans a number of upgrades for the upcoming winter ski season. The mountain's Drew Jackson says a new Woodward Mountain "Start Park" will feature three venues for Learning, Experiential and Performance, "At step one, it's learning; so we're investing in a new chairlift and two new carpets. And then, for the 'Experiential' part, we're adding adventure trails." He adds, "The 'Performance' aspect is more of our traditional terrain parks." 


Jackson tells KBND News, "We really want to create a new way for our guests to experience on-mountain fun. We think it's time to change it up and add some spice, and add some variety, and to inspire the next generation of winter sports enthusiasts." He says the changes will offer families a chance to enjoy Mt. Bachelor together, "We want a family to be able to ski down one of these Woodward Mountain Park zones, and allow maybe the youngest and most adventurous to play around on these new sculpted features while Dad, or even Grandma, just casually skis alongside on a traditional groomed surface. And the whole family can stay together that way."  Jackson views the project as a big improvement, "The idea behind Woodward Mountain Park is to introduce as many fun things on our mountain, not just for kids, and not just for learners, but for multi-generational families." The Start Park will be open seven days a week, this winter, as conditions allow, and won't require a special pass or extra fee to use.

Work is also planned to provide a facelift for Sunrise Lodge, and expand parking by 50%. Mt. Bachelor also no offers an annual "Outplay 365" pass, which - if purchased before June 30 - allows unlimited access to winter lifts, the summer Mountain Bike Park, and rafting on Big Eddy Thriller.


Pictured: Woodward's Start Park at Copper Mountain, outside Denver

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