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Food Truck Lot Planned For Near Old Mill

BEND, OR -- Food truck lots have popped up all over Central Oregon and another is planned for Bend's Old Mill District. The city's Colin Stephens says a site plan review was approved, "To, essentially, build a permanent structure, and then, I think, room for about three food carts on the site, and a parking lot."


But, after that city approval, a neighbor filed an appeal in opposition of the project on SW Mill View Way. Stephens says that's just part of the process, "We send out notice to surrounding property owners so they can comment on the application, and if they desire, after that, after the decision is issued, they can appeal it." The application was delayed a week to allow both sides to discuss parking and traffic concerns, "Staff met with both the applicant and the appellant Monday after the hearing was continued, and it's our understanding that they have come to terms on the issues at hand, which were vehicle circulation and parking." And, he says, that could mean they're close to an agreement, "If they do, they will withdraw the appeal, and the decision will become final."


Both sides will meet with City Council Monday, in an effort to find a resolution. If the decision is finalized, the project moves into its next stage. Stephens says officials see the area as becoming a popular destination, "That's kind of the actual physical center to the city of Bend, and it's sort of becoming the center of activity as well. So, [they're] adding yet another fun use to the area."


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