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Knopp Discusses Walkout on Fox Business News

SPOKANE, WA -- As the Senate Republican walkout continued through its eighth day, Thursday, State Senator Tim Knopp (R-Bend) talked with Fox Business News from Spokane. He answered questions about the legality of the Republican walkout, and explained why his party feels the action is necessary. "In this particular case, the Constitution says you have to have 20 Senators to do business. That means, even though you’ve won a majority or a super majority, you still need to pay attention to those minority voices. You can’t just roll over them. We’re not just going to stand there and be a quorum so they can pass their progressive, liberal agenda; that’s not what our constituents want." During the exchange, one host asked, "Sir; so you refuse to lose?" Knopp responded that Republicans are used to losing, given their super minority status. But, they also expect Democrats to reach across the aisle. 


The cable news appearance came on the same day loggers converged on Salem to protest HB 2020, the climate change bill known as Cap and Invest, which is at the center of the legislative impasse. Knopp told Fox Business News farmers and loggers aren't that only people who would be impacted by the bill. He says 2,000 union jobs at a plant in Astoria are in jeopardy, as well, "We said, ‘we’re going to stand and fight with these workers and make sure that they get represented.’ And so, we took this action because we feel so strongly that they need to be defended." Click HERE to view the full exchange on Fox Business News.

He says Republicans want to see amendments to HB 2020 before they come back to Salem. 

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