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Another Reason to get a Flu Shot

The Flu Season is off to its earlier start in nearly 10 years, and it could be a bad one, especially for the elderly.
Earlier this week National Health Officials say suspected flu cases have jumped in 4 Southern state.  And the primary strain circulating is one that makes people sicker, especially infants and the elderly.  Local health spokesperson Heather Kaisner with Deschutes County says  a flu shot can help, you don't have to be perfectly healthy to get one.
 "you can have a common cold - a common cold and still get a flu shot- what we say is if you're healthy enough to walk in and get your flu shot- you're probably healthy enough to get it - if you're sick in bed- high fever-  you probably don't want want to be walking out of your house anyway."
Kaisner was a recent guest on 1110 KBND's Your Town.  The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas Frieden says the good news is the that the nation is pretty well prepared, with more than one third of the population already vaccinated.  He also says this year's shot seems to be very well matched to the flu strains they are already seeing.
Kaisner adds that getting a flu shot locally is easy and pretty inexpensive.
"the pharmacies - for anyone kids who is aged 11 to 18 or adults - for kids they can go to their local provider, or the health department - and we offer vaccinations for kids through age 18.
She says the price for people without insurance is usaully around 15 dollars, and if you have coverage they will bill the ocmpany. 

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