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Dog Attack Leaves One Dead, Another Quarantined

BEND, OR -- A dog on dog attack left one dog with fatal injuries and the other quarantined. The attacking dog's owner, Phillip Briley, has been cited for Animal at Large and Nuisance Animal, civil infractions that carry fines.


Sergeant William Bailey says the owner of the whippet mixed-breed dog who was killed says she and her dog were about to leave Reynolds Pond near Alfalfa when a pitbull attacked her pet. Bailey says they've found that dog. "We do believe that the dog we've located, the 7-year-old dog named Lily is the suspect dog that attacked the other dog out at Reynolds Pond, and we still need to do some more background investigation to determine if there's any other history, other acts of aggression, other incidents where this dog has attacked either another dog, or another animal, or bitten another person." The attack lasted nearly an half hour, with the owners and witnesses trying to free the smaller dog, unsuccessfully. It was taken to a veterinary emergency room, and had to be euthanized due to severe injuries. "Lily has been placed into a 10-day quarantine, because that same day, she did bite the victim dog's owner, during this dog attack."


Bailey says during the suspect dog's 10-day quarantine, deputies are investigating her background. The statute for determining how severe the consequences for the attacking dog can be is clear - serious physical injury or death to a person, or prior incidences of aggression. "So that's that prior incidences that we're looking into, we're reviewing information, talking to people to see if there are other prior incidents where this dog would meet the definition of a dangerous dog." 


Bailey says the Department is investigating all leads, and once the investigation is complete, a judge will determine any consequences.

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