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The Head of the Oregon Firearms Federation Speaks Out

A spokesman from the Oregon Firearms Federation" is speaking out on the recent fatal shootings.  One was last Tuesday at The Clackamas Towne Center in Portland and the other was on Friday at an elementary school in Connecticut.
While gun control legislation is already gaining some attention in Oregon and on the national level, the Executive Director of The Oregon Firearms Federation has a different point of view. 
Kevin Starrett says we need more guns, in the hands of the right people, to stop senseless violence.
"nobody will address the fact that somebody has to be there to stop these people- because we just don't want to deal with it- the anti-gun people are living in a fantasy land...this has happened everywhere from isreal..to...canada - but as long as we're willing to send our little babies into unprotected government buildings..we won't see the end of it."
Starrett says in the absence of having an armed person to guard schools, another option would be to have armed and trained teachers and other staff members who are in the school and would automatically be the first responders.
Starrett was a guest on Friday on the Lars Larson Show heard on 1110 KBND from Noon to 3 Monday through Friday. 

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