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Bendd, OR -- A double shooting last October left 2 dead, and the Deschutes County District Attorney says, there was no clear motive.
D-A John Hummel says his investigation into why Tyler Herrick killed Kyle Adams, and tried to Kill Brennan Pebbles, his next-door neighbors, is closed, but incomplete. "It was not a whodunit. We knew within a few hours what happened, but the community wanted to know why." Hummel thought, initially, Herrick might have ingested Psychedelic substances, but blood samples taken from his body underwent analysis but all that was found was marijuana and an over-the-counter antihistamine.


They did find Chinese water beads, sticky children's toys that are sometimes used as smoke diffusers in bongs. "Some studies have shown that the coating on the beads, which causes them to stick together, when water is added, it can create a chemical that can turn toxic when ingested." The toxin creates G-H-B in the system, which causes breathing problems and unconsciousness, but the testing on Herrick's blood was negative


Herrick had not shown any signs of mental illness previous to the shooting and Hummel says he can only conclude it was a tragic psychotic break and that Adams and Pebbles did nothing to cause it. Hummel mourned Adams and said there's no clear reason for Herrick's actions. " We don't know definitively why. We do know that Herrick was exhibiting symptoms of a psychotic episode of some sort. he was clearly operating with delusional thoughts". The investigation is officially closed. Hummel calls it a senseless crime and tragedy.

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