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Local Cold Weather Shelter Needs More Space

BEND, OR -- A Bend cold weather homeless shelter needs more space this winter. Sagewood Sanctuary is located in the Pfeiffer and Associates building in Downtown Bend, and it's always been overcrowded. Director Larry Kogovsek says he doesn't want to have to turn people away again when the weather gets cold. "Probably someplace in an industrial area, but who knows? Just some kind of space where we can provide day services, get people into addiction treatment and mental health treatment, and then provide them a safe space to stay."

Kogovsek says, if one larger space can't be found, another smaller space and more volunteers would also be a welcome option. They currently serve 50 to 70 people, but often have need for double that number. "We need that space. We need to find it. It's been the hardest thing to come by, in town. We need a space where people, would be appropriate, large enough, and acceptable to the neighbors."

To learn more go to Sagewood Sanctuary's Facebook page, or you can reach Larry at lkogovsek@icloud.com or 541-390-1351.

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