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Marion County D-A Slams Three Police Recruits For Risking Another Recruit's Life

SALEM, OR -- The Marion County D-A has released a report stating three police recruits risked the life of a fourth recruit to save themselves. The report says in October, four recruits at the Police Academy decided to practice defensive tactics. The Oregonian reports Joseph DeLance, Dylan Hanson, Austin Daugherty and Dustyn Matlock were in their rooms when Matlock grabbed DeLance by the biceps. Matlock was knocked unconscious and awoke in extreme pain. The report says DeLance, Daugherty and Hanson told Matlock he was okay, to take ibuprofen and sleep it off. Matlock ended up with body tremors before a fifth recruit took Matlock to a hospital. He was diagnosed with a brain bleed, cervical spine fracture and broken wrist. Doctors said if Matlock had gone to sleep he might have died from brain swelling. The director of the Departm,ent of Public Safety Standards and Training, Errik Gabkliks says, "We have to do our own scrubbing of information to see what occurred."  DeLance is now on administrative leave from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department.  Austin Daugherty is Sheriff Shane Nelson’s son. He and Dylan Hanson are now on administrative leave from the Oregon State Police.  

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