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From Deschutes County D-A John Hummel




On June 28, 2020, 31-year-old Bend resident Billal Ahmedin walked into the Red Robin restaurant in Bend to pick up an order as part of his job as a delivery person for Door Dash food delivery service.  Mr. Ahmedin picked up the delivery food bag from the area in the bar where delivery orders are left for delivery drivers.  35-year-old Bend resident Jeremiah McBride was a customer in the bar, saw Mr. Ahmedin pick up the delivery order, and confronted him.  Mr. Ahmedin told Mr. McBride he was a delivery driver, but this did not deter Mr. McBride.  Mr. McBride persisted with his hostile attitude, including calling the victim the N-word. 


Mr. Ahmedin walked outside to his car, and Mr. McBride pursued him.  Mr. Ahmedin started to drive off when Mr. McBride violently kicked the car, causing damage.  Mr. Ahmedin got out of his car and Mr. McBride then shouted at him and shoved him.  Witnesses, including the Red Robin bartender who came outside, observed the incident.


Today, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel charged McBride with the crimes of bias crime in the second degree, harassment, and criminal mischief in the second degree.  Mr. McBride is presumed innocent of these charges, and in fact is innocent of them, unless and until the State proves his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 


Mr. McBride’s first court appearance is for an arraignment on August 25, 2020 at 1:15. 


Statement from District Attorney Hummel:


“Oregon’s bias crime law exists for situations exactly like this.  A shove is more than a shove when a person is shoved because of the color of their skin. 


By all accounts, Billal Ahmedin is one of the hardest workers in our community. He shines in his job by getting in and out of restaurants, and to his customers, as quickly as possible.  He’s saving money in pursuit of his dream to one day open an Ethiopian food truck in our community. 


To be challenged by a customer at Red Robin, a place he has picked up orders dozens of times, must have been disheartening.  But after responding that he was a delivery driver, being disbelieved, called the N-word, pursued outside, having his car kicked and damaged, and being shouted at and shoved, must have been demoralizing, hurtful, and maddening. It is something that would never have happened to a white man.  Billal is a valued member of our community and I stand with him.”     



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