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Bend Renews Push for Affordable Housing

City officials in Bend have joined with advocates for the homeless to try and get Bend Parks and Rec to waive a fee now charged to housing developers in an effort to bring more affordable housing units into the city.  The systems development charges that the developers are now being charged pay for new parks and new trails in the city, as well as repairs to existing ones.  The Bend Park and Recreation District waived the fees last year to add 400 affordable housing units through the year 2022 …but with two years left before that deadline, funds have already been earmarked for 380 of those units and the city says more are needed.  City officials are trying to get the district to get rid of the fees altogether.  District officials are meeting to talk about what that would mean for longer-term recreation in the city.  As the population in Bend continues to swell, the fear is there won’t be enough new parks to meet the recreational needs of the population.

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