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ODF&W Suggests Licenses & Other Gifts To Support Conservatikon

Gift the outdoors this season: 2021 licenses and other gifts to support conservation

Buying licenses for others is easier thanks to online Group Purchase


SALEM, Ore.—Give a year of the outdoors this holiday season to the hunter, angler, wildlife viewer or conservationist in your life.


2021 licenses, tags, wildlife area parking permits and conservation stamps are available now online at https://odfw.huntfishoregon.com/login or at license sale agents.


The cost of licenses and tags is the same as it was in 2020. For residents, an annual fishing license is $44, an annual hunting license is $34.50 and a combination hunting and fishing license is $73.


Youth licenses (for ages 12-17) remain just $10 for a Combo License (angling, hunting, plus shellfish and Columbia River Endorsement) for both residents and nonresidents and $55 for a Youth SportsPac (residents only).


The new Group Purchase feature in ODFW’s online licensing system makes it easier to buy for family and friends who already hunt or fish in Oregon. See directions on how to use group purchase at https://myodfw.com/articles/how-make-group-purchase-els   

Need your gift to be a surprise? A receipt is automatically emailed only to the person who purchased the license as a gift. The gift recipient will be able to see their 2021 license once they login to their account. 


Other gift ideas:


Big game raffle ticket (prices start at $4.50 per ticket):

The perfect stocking stuffer for big game hunters. Raffle tickets are a chance to win a four-month long season in an expanded hunt area for deer, elk, bighorn sheep, Rocky Mtn goat, pronghorn or the Combo Deer/Elk tag. Ticket prices vary from $4.50 to $11.50 per ticket, with discounts for buying multiple tickets. Buy online via ODFW’s licensing system. More info at https://myodfw.com/articles/big-game-raffle-and-auction-hunts


Wildlife area parking permit ($30 annually):

A great gift for wildlife viewers or anyone who enjoys the outdoors. This $30 annual wildlife area parking permit allows parking at all of ODFW’s 20+ wildlife areas where you can watch wildlife and also fish, hunt, bike, hike and run. (Note this parking permit is also included with the purchase of an annual hunting license.) Wildlife areas have remained open during Covid-19 restrictions.


Habitat conservation stamp or art print ($20 - $35):

Conservation stamps are a great gift for both art and wildlife lovers. Funds raised from sales support conservation of Oregon’s most imperiled fish and wildlife and their habitats. Collector stamps can be purchased for just $20 through ODFW’s licensing page (under General Category). Most signed art prints are $35; purchase art prints by mailing or faxing this form: https://www.dfw.state.or.us/conservationstrategy/contest/docs/2020_ORDER_FORM_Habitat_Conservation_Stamp.pdf  

Revenue from your purchase helps restore habitats vital to declining species including wetlands, grasslands, oak woodlands, and ponderosa pine forests. More info at https://www.dfw.state.or.us/conservationstrategy/habitat_conservation_stamp.asp


Watch for Wildlife License Plate Voucher ($40)

Vehicle collisions kill mule deer and other wildlife every year. Wildlife crossings and other projects can reduce collisions and help wildlife safely migrate but dedicated funds are needed to implement these types of projects. The non-profit Oregon Wildlife Foundation (OWF) is currently selling vouchers for a Watch for Wildlife license plate featuring a mule deer and Cascade Range mountain in the background. Funds raised will go towards projects that support safer wildlife migration. OWF has a long history of providing grants for projects that benefit fish and wildlife in Oregon, including helping rid Diamond Lake of tui chub to restore the trout fishery and supporting the Bonneville Fish Hatchery Sturgeon Viewing Pond.


The plate voucher can be purchased as a gift but the buyer will need to know the Oregon driver's license number of the person they are gifting it to. Find more info and purchase at https://www.myowf.org/watchforwildlife


Donation to the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund

This new fund is a way for everyone to help create new opportunities for wildlife watching, urban conservation, community science and other wildlife-associated recreation. While most of ODFW’s budget is funded by hunting and fishing dollars, this fund allows anyone to contribute to fish and wildlife conservation, especially for important species and habitats that need help. Round up your purchase through ODFW’s licensing system or donate in the name of your friends or family directly through the Conservation and Recreation Fund website at https://www.oregonisalive.org/ by writing their name in the donation box.


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