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Hasson Leaving On A Good Note

There were apparent gasps at the special session of the La Pine City Council Wednesday afternoon when City Manager Steve Hasson announced his resignation.


Hasson says most people did not know that he was contemplating leaving - but disagreements with the city council on the cities’ direction and personal issues made the decision for him.


"We have some people here who are still not receptive to La Pine being a city. It was a very close vote. And they'd just soon live in a rural area and enjoy their privacy, and aren't real keen on rules and regulations. And of course the city is all about organization and structure. And so just by virtue of trying to enact some basic things like land use and code enforcement, there's been push back."


"You know, I’ve tried to push this place pretty hard, pretty fast and I think there's been some difficulty being receptive to some of the things that I’ve wanted to have the city do. But it's been difficult in this regard: and that is: it's a brand new city and there's no operational manual that goes with it."


Hasson says the city is on the cusp of being a very important place in Central Oregon and he hopes that more people will realize the potential, and he's leaving on a good note.


Hasson will be staying on for about 30 days to make sure there's a smooth transition for the new interim city manager, then he'll be going to a family farm near Portland that needs some attention.

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