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We’re under a winter storm warning until early Friday morning. We are going to get hit with another wintry blast starting tonight and going through Thursday night. Weather Channel Meteorologist Mark Thibodeau says this is going to be a significant storm: “I would not be surprised to see 9 to 10 inches between tonight and Thursday night. Here in Bend and the area west of us will be receiving up to a foot or more of snow. What makes this storm so hazardous is the below freezing temperatures during the event.” This will be the third major snowstorm to hit Central Oregon in a little over a week.

The Deschutes County Sheriff says if you can avoid driving in the bad weather, that's the best thing to do. But if you have to brave the treacherous roads its very important that you drive even more defensively than usual. "When you're traveling over the mountain or traveling in town, always drive ahead of yourself and try to drive the other person's vehicle as well. And think ‘What am I going to do if cars coming at me are suddenly in my lane because they are in my lane, because they’re out of control?’ Try to avoid, at all costs colliding with another vehicle coming toward you. Get in the ditch, steer around your problem; go into a parking lot, do whatever you need to do, as carefully as you can. But it’s the head-on collisions, the other impacts with the other vehicles that really cause us some significant traffic crashes.” He also says its helpful to practice putting on your chains in your garage before you hit a mountain pass in the middle of a bad storm. Blanton was a guest this morning on "Your Town".



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