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Bend Gas Prices Hit New Record High

BEND, OR -- Skyrocketing gas prices are causing sticker shock for drivers. AAA's Marie Dodds says gas prices all over the state hit new records after crude oil shot up over $110 a barrell, "It’s a big jump. Any time we see prices jump more than a dime I think most folks consider that a significant jump. National average is up 17 cents. Oregon average is up 16 cents. And, believe it or not, there are states that are seeing jumps that are twice as big."

The national average also hit a new record at $4.37 a gallon; Oregon’s average is now $4.85 a gallon and Bend's average jumped 14 cents to $4.86. 

Dodds says drivers can save a few cents a gallon by changing habits and behaviors, "Driving more slowly helps you save fuel. Check your tires - over and under inflated tires will cause you to burn more gas. Make sure that you get all of the extra stuff out of your car - every pound that you carry makes you burn a little more fuel." Combining your errands can also help, and Dodds suggests using a mobile app to help find the cheapest gas stations in your area.

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