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Redmond Mayor Will Not Seek 8th Term

REDMOND, OR -- Redmond Mayor George Endicott says he will not run for an 8th term. He tells KBND News, "Sometimes you just have to say, ‘ya know, I’ve done my part’."

Endicott has served on City Council 17 years - 14 of those as Mayor. He says he’s pleased with what he accomplished, "Centennial Park, of course. Taking Redmond Union High and making it our new City Hall; that was huge. Rebuilding 5th and 6th Street, and the arch. You know, I fought hard for that arch and - golly, almost every news report you see has a picture of the arch in it, so that’s pretty cool." But, he’s most proud of opening Hope Playground - the all-abilities area at Sam Johnson Park, "You know, I remember a young woman in a cast being able to slide down the slides. I remember a kid coming out of a wheelchair to climb the rockwall. I’m not kidding, it kind of brings tears to your eyes to see that these kids can participate fully with their buddies and play."

He’s the third local Mayor to announce retirement in the past month. Bend Mayor Sally Russell stepped down May 18th, and Madras Mayor Richard Ladeby says he will also not seek reelection. Endicott acknowledges the loss of experience and institutional knowledge, "I think one of the things that we’ll lose as a result of me, and to some degree, Madras - and that is relationships outside the city. Both the Mayor of Madras and myself have been Chair of the Central Oregon Cities Organization. I spent a lot of time in Salem advocating and testifying about different projects. And even at the national level, going back to Washington to advocate."

He plans to remain until his term ends in December. Then, he will retire. "You know, I’ve loved every minute of it," Endicott said Tuesday, "I love city government. But, I’m 74 this week. I’m just ready to smell the roses."

Endicott says he will endorse someone for his position. That person is expected to announce their candidacy this week.

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