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Concept Plan Approved for Stevens Road Development

BEND, OR -- Bend City Council has approved a concept plan for a 261-acre parcel off Stevens Road. "It’s not the Stevens Road tract that people see that’s already being developed," says Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Broadman, "It’s the piece just to the southeast of that, adjacent to the landfill."

Broadman tells KBND News, "The concept plan that we approved has lots of open space; commercial. It’s a really complete community where people can walk, use transit, work and live all in one area." But, the big focus is housing, "The idea, really, is to focus on missing middle housing. So, we have 20 acres that are deeded directly to the city. Part of those are going to have priority for employees of the school district so we can make sure the folks who are educating our kids can afford to live in this community." Overall, 800 housing units would be designated for affordable housing with seven acres for school district employees. You'll find more information on the City of Bend's website

Broadman adds, "I would call this the most complete community in the history of Bend expansion areas. It will have multi-family housing, it will have single family detached, it will have single family attached - so, like, a townhome or a duplex, and it will have commercial."

Actual development is a ways off. The property is currently owned by the state, managed by the Department of State Lands. The city is negotiating details of the future transfer of the 20 acres needed for the affordable housing portion of the plan. Officials say the eventual sale of the rest of the parcel will benefit the Common Schools Fund. The city must also get approval to expand the Urban Growth Boundary before any construction could begin. 


Correction: A previous version of this story misstated the transfer of the 20 acres for affordable housing. KBND News regrets the error. 

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