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TSA Predicts Record Season For Air Travel

REDMOND, OR -- The summer of 2019 set records at airports around the country. "TSA’s predicting that the summer travel volumes of 2022 will meet or exceed what we experienced in 2019 - those are pre-pandemic volumes," the TSA's Lorie Dankers tells KBND News, "Here at the Redmond Airport, we’re screening an average of 1,500 departing passengers a day through the security checkpoint."

Summer vacations often start with long airport security lines. But, the Transportation Security Administration says there are things you can do to ease those travel headaches. "The busiest times at the airport are early in the morning, when we have a large number of flights departing in a short period of time; that is what makes the security lines long." But, Dankers says, travelers should arrive at the airport early, regardless of the time of day your flight leaves. 

She asks everyone to do their part to keep lines moving smoothly, "People have the power to make the security screening process quick and efficient by coming prepared, by removing those prohibited items from carry-on luggage, making sure they don’t have oversized liquids. They’re going to go through the checkpoint very quickly." Dankers suggests dressing appropriately, "Make sure that when you come to the checkpoint, you’re ready to remove your shoes, that you dress for security screening; things like glitter on the shirt, glitter on your pockets - they alarm the technology. That may result in you having to be re-screened."

Dankers says the busiest US airports so far this year are those near national parks.

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