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OR Politicians Vow To Protect Abortion Rights

PORTLAND, OR -- Reaction from Oregon lawmakers was overwhelmingly opposed to the Supreme Court's abortion decision. Representative Cliff Bentz - the only Republican in Oregon’s Congressional delegation - tweeted “A momentous decision. Every human life is sacred.” But his was a rare statement among Oregon’s elected officials. Governor Kate Brown appeared in a video with the Governors of Washington and California saying, "We will continue to protect patients from any state who come to our states for abortion care." Oregon’s Secretary of State, Attorney General, other members of Congress and U.S. Senators - all Democrats - issued statements saying they will protect abortion rights here.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) was back in Oregon over the weekend, just 24 hours after the High Court's decision. He told reporters on Saturday Congress needs to pass legislation to protect women’s web searches, text messages and location tracking, "I believe the language in the Alito opinion is so sweeping that women are going to have their personal data weaponized against them." The Oregon Democrat also called on tech companies to take immediate steps to limit collection and retention of customer data.

And, he says, supporters need to speak out more than just at the ballot box, "Voting is a key part of it. But, we’ve got to be everywhere. We’ve got to be in the communities, we’ve got to be holding rallies, we’ve got to be doing advocacy work and education work."

On Friday, within hours of the opinion going publice, Senators Wyden and Jeff Merkley issued video statements from a Washington D.C. pro-choice rally. Merkley said, "Choices that should be only their choice with the consultation with their doctor and whoever else they want, in terms of religious advisor or their partner. Our entire government is set up to defend the rights of individuals against overbearing government. This is overbearing government at its worst."

Wyden said it takes away a fundamental right, "This is a horrifying decision and it means, for American women, they will have fewer rights than their grandmothers had." Both Oregon Democrats said they are committed to passing federal protections of abortion rights and preventing a nationwide ban. 

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