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CET Continues Mobility Hub Research

BEND, OR-- Cascades East Transit continues to gather public feedback on future mobility hubs. CET’s Derek Hofbauer says Hawthorne Station is the only one in Bend, but more are needed in the city, "Maybe not the size of Hawthorne Station, these can be scaled. It could be a simple curb cut-out, where you have some transit transfer points, and you could have some bike parking or some bikeshare." He tells KBND News, "Basically, a mobility hub is a nexus of a lot of different transportation options coming together. So, you could have an Uber and a Lyft drop off and pick up area. You could have some on-demand shuttles - so, this would be kind of like your 12-passenger vans that you could summon from your phone that do shared rides." It could also have space for food carts or other services. 

"For transit to be successful, we really need to look at how we can make the system more efficient, more reliable. So, eliminating those transfers by - if you had a northeast hub and a southeast hub, or a south hub, you could basically go from hub to hub without having to transfer at that middle point," says Hofbauer. “Our hope is that with Bend growing so much and so much traffic, that a lot of people will choose maybe one day a week, ‘hey, let’s leave my car at home. I’ll hop on the bike, ride to the bus stop, put my bike on the bus, grab a cup of coffee at the mobility hub, and get to work’.”

An online survey asking what amenities people want and where it should go, is available through July 31st. The next in-person opportunity for feedback is July 6th at Riverbend Park. 

Redmond has a smaller hub near Fred Meyer, and one is under construction in La Pine, at 5th and Huntington. CET has $5 million in city and state money to build another hub in Bend. 

Click HERE to listen to our full conversation with Derek Hofbauer.

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